We are a well established family run business and have been trading for 26 years this August, we are so well known in our community for our Swimwear & Lingerie, we would hate to be a casualty of the covid 19 (corona virus) and have to close our businesses, all events and holidays have been cancelled/postponed and nobody is travelling to any destinations, so we are simply asking you to purchase a gift voucher so we can get through the next few months. This will help us and that way we can help you by giving something back to you when the world has healed itself.
Many of you will know you get more than just products in our shops you get friendly help and advice, a free service for small alterations a friendly chat and sometimes we can put the world to rights. 
It’s the unknown for everyone so please only support us if your business, job or financial state is secure.
As a reward for helping us we will honour you with a voucher (No time limit imposed on the voucher) for the same value of your donation plus a free gift.
Go to “Donation Gift Vouchers” at the top of this page and click on the amount you would like to purchase.